GRAZIE alla generosità di Fabio insieme al ricavato del riuscitissimo spettacolo teatrale all’Istituto Asisium (Roma), è stato possibile sottoporre ad un intervento chirurgico di ortodonzia plastica il piccolo Reynold, che ora può donare a tutti un bellissimo, nuovo, sorriso.

E’ un piccolo-grande segno che permetterà a lui ed alla sua famiglia di sperare in un futuro migliore.


potete scaricare qui sotto la lettera natalizia di Sr Carlota,
con le notizie sulla salute di Reynold.
Speriamo che il bambino presto recuperi il brutto quadro polmonare,
in modo da poter affrontare i prossimi interventi chirurgici.
Nel frattempo continuamo a sostenere le sue cure, e la sua famiglia (anche la mamma, come potete leggere nello stesso allegato alla pagina 5, ci esprime la sua gratitudine).

Aggiornamento Gennaio 2018

​With regards to Reynold the other day we talked to them (Mother and Reynold). He is fine and we found out that he gained 2 kilos of weight. He spoke, not so well but yes he can talk. Of course he has still hole in the palate that did not close from the last operation that he had undergone. The mother said that when he drinks, an amount of what he drinks goes to his mouth, because of its hole. We decided that on Tuesday, 30 January early in the morning, we will be going to the hospital for his check up and we will see what the doctor will tell us. I also showed to him your photo…imagine how he was looking at you! He said with joy “how beautiful she is!” Yes of course, but you also pray for here specially because she is driving the plane! Who knows someday you can ride also in a plane! If God’s will, I told him.

Aggiornamento Marzo 2018

​Dearest Sabrina, Peace and Goodness!

How are you? I hope that you are fine. I just want to update you regarding Reynold’s health condition:

After the medication for the parasites (in fact plenty of those came out from him), and having taken vitamins which gave him more appetite to eat (but unfortunately the family doesn’t have enough to give him), we went back to the hospital for follow up check up on the 

  • 20th of February 2018, as what the Pediatrician advised us, he only gain .3 of his actual weight and the doctor then told us to have him the laboratory test like: x-ray, blood test, urinalysis, etc. Since he was not able to make his bowel and it was already late in the afternoon to go back to the village (where we need still to take 5 transportation), we told the medical technologists to have it the following day. So the following day 
  • 21st of February we went back again to the hospital bringing with us his clothes and the necessary things he might need, but he was found out to have fuss in his ears, so again the doctor gave the medication for his ears and adiviced us to go back again after one week. Then we went back again on the 
  • 6th day of March with the necessary things he needed to be admitted for the operation, but it was again postpone because his other companions to be admitted for the operation on the same date were found out to have parasites and so the doctor advised us again to go back the following day (this time the administration let us left the baggage in the hospital. Then the following day 
  • 7th of March, he was admitted together with other three children with the same problem to be operated. He was operated on the 
  • 8th of March and the following day 
  • 9th of march he was dismissed from the hospital. I found him so weak because he had fever during the night but courageous when the nurse removed the needle of the dextrose from his hand. He desired only to go home. This week he was prescribed by the surgeon to take only liquid diet just like: water, milk and jiuce (which we certainly provided him).
  • Tomorrow (one week of his operation) will be his schedule for check up with the surgeon and so we will be going to the hospital. We look forward with the grace, mercy and love of God for the good result and findings of his post operation.

Thank you once again for your generosity in supporting him and our kids in their christian and human formation. May God bless you abundantly.

Gratefully yours,
sr. Lucy ….and in the name of the kids and their family specially of the family of Reynold.


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